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   | The Olympia Times                                        issue g1-52 |
   | June 21, 1995                                                        |
   |                                                                      |
   | turn 52  188 players                                                 |

Questions, comments, to play: info@pbm.com

Olympia PBEM

* * *

NOTE: -----

Please have orders for next turn (turn 53) in by 6:00pm (EDT) SHARP.

You may want to consider the "deadline" to be 4:00pm EDT instead in order to leave yourself/the Net some margin for error.

Player-contributed press

Thanks for the info on pirates people. Now, anyone got a decent supply of longswords I can borrow? *8)

-- Cognoscenti [bc5]

Visitors to DRUCARTAN are asked to procure a visa before entering the area. Drucartan is a very peacefull continent, where AOO and non AOO factions live in peace and harmony. No noble has ever been attacked in Drucartan by another noble.

If you want a visa, please send a message to John Sen[m6f], describing the nobles in the party, the size of the party, and the reason for visiting Drucartan. There is no fee, and requests will only be refused in rare ( i.e. I am bringing 2000 men (or dragons) to kill all nobles ) circumstances.

-- The Sen Clan [di4]


The Midnight Carnival once more has regular access to his server. Maps are available! Get yours today from the Illustrated Man [s5e] in the Imperial City! If you're a new player, only 75 gold plus your surface mail address for all the info known about Provinia and the world! For experienced players, ask about a blow-up of your area!

-- The Midnight Carnival [nx2]

The Isle of Pallia is claimed by the Jade Lotus Society and Trees R Us. Please notify us prior to landing, so that no unfortunate misunderstandings occur.

-- Jade Lotus Society [va5]

---------------------- S. CAMARIS Update ----------------------

Monthly notice: any new visitors to our fair isle should notify us in advance.

-- The Crazy Quilters [vn7]

Pilgrims Aid Society

Congratulations to our Game Moderator for a full year of commercial service! Great job Rich!

-- Akmall Benhalla [p3p]

The Olympia Atlas is accepting contributions, and is available for download! Be the first to contribute information for unexplored lands (Faery).

In the tradition of Oleg's Map (tm), the Atlas is a compilation of geographical information useful for explorers, traders, and adventurers. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

To contribute to the Atlas, simply send turn excerpts (cut out all the incriminating parts) that contain the following information:

o) Mapping data (region & route info) o) City market reports o) City skills lists o) Inner locations

and send it to sx6@g1.pbm.com. We'll include it into the next version of the Atlas.

The Atlas is available by ftp from your nearest PBM ftp site (ftp.erg.sri.com in the USA, check the PBM FAQ for other sites), in the directory /pub/pbm/olympia, as atlas.X, where X is the turn of the last update.

The Atlas is also available on the PBMGames forum on CompuServe, in the fantasy games section, as atlas.oly.

Brought to you by the Skulking Vermin (sx6)

Note!! Due to Real-Life (tm) commitments, the Atlas will be appearing irregularly, as I have time to assemble contributions.

-- Sludge [x0o]

On the Barbary coasts [ap21] lies the port of Tangiers, the northernmost city on all the Camarisis. A must-see for anyone sailing the oceans of the north. If you will be visiting, let me know. I am especially interested in corresponding with any travellers who have been to or seen the island of Aerondor.

-- Tibilt the Bold [e7r]

Greetings Fellow Olympiads!

The Liberty Confederacy hereby formally announces its existence to our peers! The Liberty Confederacy is a loose defensive alliance of nobles who wish to pursue happiness with our liberties intact. We are establishing a peaceful and happy community in our beautiful homeland, the Blackroot forest of Northern Ossicus, more or less bu56-bw66.

Towards that end, peaceful, law-abiding travelers are welcome. Bandits, pirates, & their associates are advised to avoid the area for their own protection. Investors of any kind (merchants, inn-keepers, temple-builders, tower owners, miners, etc.) are especially welcome to civilize this untamed land (investors should contact me: we offer protection & won't charge you onerous & obnoxious taxes. pretty cool eh?). Travelers wishing to exploit the resources of these lands should contact us so we don't have harvesting conflicts. Unapproved harvesting is frowned upon.

-Norc, duke

-- General Norc [z1a]

Anyone need spiny root? Contact me.

-- Captain Trocero [l3c]


Visitors are welcome to the area controlled by the Cohorts of Colossus [vo4], as long as they obtain travel permits first. Not all requests will be granted. The affected area includes the land provinces bounded by bx25 and bz27, and the province by24.

To avoid possible misunderstandings, do not enter this area without a permit, nor collect resources without express permission. Violators of this policy may be subject to arrest.

I only rarely refuse reasonable requests, and then only because I've already granted my quota.

This policy helps ensure the security of all nobles within these lands. If you are interested in a franchise on collecting resources in one of these provinces, please contact me. I have friendly arrangements with several factions along these lines.

-- Sheriff Pelenth of Gentlewind [f3i]

"I am interested in running trade routes for some noble who is established. Please respond through times. For the second time." Contact me & discover the beauty of the Osgean Sea :)

-- General Norc [z1a]

For reasons of security, provinces bw21-bw23 and bx21-bx23 are hereby closed to travel. Anyone traveling into or through these provinces without explicit permission will be subject to attack.

-- Marat [g3y]

An open letter to those associated with the 'Manifest Destiny': My allies have sent you friendly greetings upon your arrival on Ossicus, but have not received a response from any of your party. In order to help them maintain the peace on the continent, I would urge you to contact me directly or to post your message in the next _Times_.

-- Ethan Rhogam [x8k]

To mark the special anniversary of Turn 52, and the success in it's trade, the First Bank of Provinia, is giving all account holders an extra months interest. You too could join our seven other account holders, with as little as 50 gold, and be well on the way to financial prosperity.

-- First Bank of Provinia [y6v]

To All Those Nobles of Tollus: We offer greetings. Honor to your houses and to your factions, we of the Ninth Wave are interested in visiting Tollus to establish a home for ourselves. Please respond to our inquiries either to warn us away or to invite us in. We freely extend our hands in friendship and offer peace to the land. Other things are negotiable. ............................................................ Please contact me (i7v@g1.pbm.com) in order to avoid any misunderstandings. We hope to hear from you soon. --Jolie

-- Jolie [i7v]

___ ___ ___ / / ) / ) /___ /___/ /___/ / . _ _ /_ / )_ __ / / _ _ . __ . _ / / / _> / /___/(_>/ //< of / / (_)|// / // (_>

The First Bank of Provinia has offices in some of the major cities on the continent of Provinia. The FBoP offers the following facilities.

o Special offers for New Olympia Players. o Excellent Interest Rates on Bank Accounts. o A Fast and Efficient Courier Service. o Money Transfers. o Short and Long Term Loans. o Insurance Policies. o Pawn Broking Service.

Call in at your local branch for further details.

-- First Bank of Provinia [v0z]


The Brotherhood of Ormos claims the city of Avalon [ao0k] and all lands and resources inside the boundary of [bp05]-[bp08]-[br06] -[br09] inclusive, as its sole and lawful demense. Those wishing to visit Ormos are required to request a visa and await clearance before attempting to make landfall. All unauthorized visitors are unwelcome and looked upon with extreme prejudice. Captains needing to make landfall at Avalon for emergency repairs will not be molested, but are still required to contact me for a visa.

-- Pelinore Dragonslayer [p4s]

This is monthly notice if you wish to visit the environs of Cycarth and Redwine please be courteous enough to let m9l know (you can reach him at heyman@camis.stanford.edu. I do not currently plan to restrict access, but would like to know who is wandering around in my front yard. I would especially like to know if you plan on using any of the natural rsources (peasants, wood, and the like) in the provinces bt25 bt26 bt27 bu25 bu26 bu27 bv25 bv26 bv27 bw25 bw26 and bw27.

-- Darkman [m9l]

Journal - Blossom bloom, Year 7

So much time studing and researching. I think I neglect my journal. Perhaps it is time to give it up for a time.

The Lord of the Morning, The Dragon,

-- Lews Therin Telamon [m3m]

Has anyone tried to create a map database program for Olympia? I've been thinking about writing a simple graphics program with a simple grid map showing locations and area information. Send any ideas, questions or comments to Raymond at 73737.2704@compuserve.com.

-- Azathoth [e2w]


*****REWARD***** Wanted Dead:

Bastrestric ther Archymonaged

For continuing crimes against nobility, and for questioning in the untimely death of the dearly departed Miyuki-san.

Information leading to the death of BtA will earn a noble 1000 gold payable in IC.

Location reports should be placed in the Times *****REWARD*****


Seen in last week Times: > TO: Clarence, Duke of Pentaria > Since you have more-or-less eliminated my clan by unprovoked > attacks, I can think of nothing better to do than send an > unending stream of other branches of the clan to harass > your borders. I hope you enjoy the company.

Obviously, we have differing ideas about "unprovoked". You came ashore on Pentaria: fine, I hadn't publicized my claim. I told you to leave. I gave you a full turn unmolested in which to leave. You did not ask for more time, indeed, you did not send me any sort of reply at all, and you did not leave. What you did do was recruit peasants and attempt to free a captive noble in an inner location. Hardly the acts of a friend or of someone planning on leaving. So I attacked.

One of your nobles even had Survive Fatal Wound and escaped. And yet you still did not send me any messages, you still did not ask for more time, and you still didn't leave. So I killed him again.

I am not an unreasonable tyrant. But when faced with silence, one must assume the worst.

Von Schrei nach dem Frieden is den Luft ganz Schweer, Der Friede, der Friede, wo kommt den der Friede her? Der kommt nich von blossen vordern, Der kommt wo man es ihn tun, Und wenn in unseren Seelen, Die Morderwaffen ruhn.

So why is the Duke of Atnos now an Earl?

Storm clouds are gathering in the west.

Ahab was furious! Where were those workers he'd been promised? They were supposed to get here three weeks ago! Now the ship will probably be almost a month behind schedule! "Arrrgh!" he said, summing up his emotions in a word.

Da boss didn't kill none of our own guys dis month! Dats remarkable! And da orders look kinda safe, but da boys are still spooked. Maybe now we're just gonna settle down an fish an cut trees an make pots? Hah! Not with da boss pawin' his globe an lookin at da faraway bits!

To those who put the Atlas and the land claims out for ftp:

Thanks, but they are so out of date as to be almost useless.

A nattering newbie (It's the water.)

Easy Question: Can Pirates fish?

Just repeat after me: "The AOO has got to go!"

Overheard outside Dr. Frankenstein's Lab...

What if we breed a greater demon with a dragon?

Is he heaven? Is he hell? That demmed elusive doggerel!

Has Marat met his Manufacturer (ordurer) yet? Time will tell.

It's not enough to be able to pick up a sword. You have to know which end to poke into the enemy.

Clifford's City Market Database: 117 city market reports. Send in a city market report not yet in the database and for EACH report, you will receive a report each week on the commodity of your choice. For further info, write to w4t@g1.pbm.com.

Another month, another continent. Looks like the seas aren't quite as empty as was once thought. If only I could find a market for these fine trade goods that I - acquired - from the locals...

Dragon breeding has a success rate of 58%. One must ask: Are they worth it?

No noble has ever been attacked by another noble in Drucartan?! Well... we'll soon put a stop to that nonsense!

Happy Anniversary Oly II!!

Could anyone explain to us poor newbies what the Faery and Hade are?

Why doesn't gold weigh anything? Someone could carry around thousands of gold coins on his own person and not be slowed down, right?

*** ATTENTION ALL "NEWBIES": *** Q: How can you tell if an AOO noble is well-hung? A: You can't get your fingers between his neck & the rope! (You're welcome.)

How come gold doesn't weigh anything?

Are there groups of people willing to travel west to see the unexplored?

> Don't be deceived: the noble fight against AOO is nothing more than a turf > battle. Try to stay out of the middle!

Good advice, if only the turf and middle in question weren't the entire world. As for the AOO, if you can't join them, beat them.

The mountains on the northern border of the world are boring indeed. I shall not return to them again any time soon. If I want to wander around dangerous mountains, I will do it in my own domain.

This space intentionally left blank.

The barrier in the Atnos Channel is in ca19. Beware!

"I'll not have a skulking assassin sitting at my table, I don't care what he can do for us." "My Lord Lystric, honor has a place at the table, but something sharper is needed to cut the meat." -Troylin, "On Noble Conduct"


Here I sit, having scrimped and saved to build up a force capable of defeating those terrible creatures I've met, and what happens when I attack them? A voice from on high warns me that they're invulnerable to any force that doesn't have a magic weapon! Well, where's the profit in that? I guess it's time to trudge around looking for the item -- maybe one of those religious crazies can help me find it.

Don't be squeamish! Quick! Kill the Newbies before they grow or they'll soon be big enough to come kill us!

Work, work, work.... and for what, nothing not even a bloody copper or snif of gold in the savings!

That's all we peasants ever get to do around here sure wish that I could find me an nice noble to hire me for an apprenticeship of some kind...

I listened to many voices The AOO is BAD But what is bad? Why did you let them grow bad or big? If they really are such a threat and so bad Why doesn't everybody unite? ------------------------------ A neutral observer

Liberty's Harum open for study. The Priestess is in and has her first novice. Parents turned away at the gate. Dowry required to be left on doorstep.

The sound of leathery wings rustle through the woods.

Oh man, I thought mining would be cool, you know, the Riddle of Steal thing, & all that. So I go to friggin' Gentlewind, which cost me one life from the over- zealous sheriff, chuck out three hundred gold for the skills, build the darned thing, & then find only fifteen friggin pieces of iron & 25 pieces of gold in the ore. Jeesh.

Can anyone exlpain what Faery and Hades are? How do they let people move large armies? Where are entrances/exits?

My understanding of Faerie is that it is a location, 10 provinces by 10 provinces, in which the only routes to Olympia proper are via faerie hills found in some enchanted forests. I've heard that there is only one faerie hill/ region (i.e. one in Provinia, one in Tollus, etc.). I know you need an elf stone to use the hills, I'm not sure what else. In addition to the elvish hunters, the troops of the Aolian Circle (AOO, of coures) are thought to attack travelers there. I've also heard that there are many very cool things for sale in Faerie. Anyone who could make Faerie safe for travelers would be doing a good deed for which all Olympians no doubt would be greatful.

'Tis week 52. All hail the turning of the wheel full cycle on Olympia. We look forward to the next cycle! The seer predicts a brief period of peace before a time of great battles.

It would appear that a 'Bermuda triangle' is in the ocean SE from Imperial City. I am not going to divulge where it is exactly, you can find it for yourselves, like I did !!

It was posted: > Wanted Dead:

I think that will be an impossible task. For more than one reason.

> Bastrestric ther Archymonaged

Thank you for spelling this correctly.

> For continuing crimes against nobility, > and for questioning in the untimely death > of the dearly departed Miyuki-san.

Miyuki... miyuki... the name doesn't ring a bell. I don't think I finalized her. But then there have been so many, faces and names tend to run into each other. I have to confess that I could easily be mistaken.

> Information leading to the death of BtA > will earn a noble 1000 gold payable in IC.

Now you insult me. 1000 gold ! More has been offered for the death of the lowliest of my messenger boys. If you want any of the reliable bounty hunters to stop laughing at least add one zero. And if you want to have any hope of success at all, add two zeros.

> Location reports should be placed in the Times

Why, certainly !

Mt. Olympus [bx22], mountain, in Provinia, civ-6 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Province controlled by Chateau Olympique [s85], castle, in Mt. Olympus [bx22]

Inner locations: Chateau Olympique [s85], castle, defense 40, "with two bloody spots on the walls" Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [x9i], master of the black arts, with ten ghost warriors, one winged horse

Eagerly anticipating your arrival, BTA

Here doggy, doggy, I've got a nice big War Hammer for you.

> Will someone explain Faery to those of us who have no clue please?

This one is easy. Enter Faery, and the AOO will try to kill you. They feel that all of Faery belongs to them. Pretty simple, huh? -- the Crimson Sage

"...and then there was the time I got myself shipwrecked on Ilion, yes. Not West Ilion mind you, no, no, but Ilion proper, yes, that little turd of a continent North of Krussos yes, yes."

"Oh my, what a filthy, nasty, vile place it was, yes, full of ugly smelly nobles covered in dung, yes, yes, just running around in circles flapping their arms and crying "woesme woesme" they were, yes."

"Seems there was something wrong with their castle, yes, seems it was all laid out flat on the ground, yes, yes, and they were all too dumb to figure out what to do about it, yes. Most pathetic it was, yes."

"However, since it wasn't my problem, no, I just patched my ship with a little spare dung and quickly set sail for more aromatic climes, yes."

"I shan't be going back there any time soon no, no, but if someone were looking for a quick conquest against a bunch of disorganized and low IQ nobles, yes, I'd say Ilion would be a fine destination, yes, yes."

And with that the Ancient One turned and vanished in a cloud of thin yellow smoke.