attack target [flag] * time: 1 day * priority: 3

Engage two stacks in combat. Only the top most character in a stack may initiate combat.

target may be another unit, a ship, or a building, or a sub-location.

If flag is 1, the attacker will not attempt to move into the defender's position.

For example, one would use the order `attack jg99' to attack this castle:

Inner locations:
   Castle [jg99], castle, defense 20, owner:
      Law Netexus [2020], with three peasants

Do not use `attack 2020', as Law Netexus is not in the same location as characters outside the castle. If successful, the attackers will move into the castle.

A unit may not attack another member of its own faction. Two units in the same stack may not engage in combat.

Prisoners may not be attacked. To attack the stack holding a prisoner, issue an attack order for another member of the stack (such as the top unit in the stack).

For details on the resolution of battles, see Battles.

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