admit who-or-what [`ALL'] [units] * time: 0 days * priority: 0

Allow units to stack with the specified character, or to enter the given building or ship. By default, a unit may not stack with a character belonging to another faction, or enter a building controlled by another player.

The first argument to admit may either be a character, building or ship. If a character is given, admit will specify who may stack with the unit. If a building or ship is given, admit will determine who may enter the structure.

There are three cases for the rest of admit's arguments: If no further arguments are given, admit will clear the permissions for the given entity, and deny admission or stacking to any foreign unit:

admit ce90                  # admit no one to ce90

If a list of units or players is given, those units will be permitted to enter or stack with the given entity:

admit ce90 778 2960 4240    # allow any member of faction 778,
                            # as well as 2960 and 4240, into ce90

Note that if a faction is specified, units within the faction must not be concealing their lord in order to be recognized.

Permission may be granted to every player's units:

admit ce90 all                  # allow anyone into ce90

A list of units to exclude may follow `ALL':

admit ce90 all 778 2960 4240    # allow anyone into ce90, except
                                # any member of faction 778, or
                                # units 2960 or 4240.

Summary examples:

admit ce90              # admit no one to ce90
admit ce90 all          # admit anyone to ce90
admit ce90 778          # admit any member of faction 778 to ce90
admit ce90 all 778      # admit anyone but a member of faction 778
admit ce90 2960 4240    # admit 2960 or 4240 to ce90

If there are too many units to list on a line with a single admit order, more admit orders may be used:

admit ce90 2596 3921 3934 3999 4012 4045 4046 4256 4300

has the same meaning as:

admit ce90 2596 3921 3934 3999 4012
admit ce90 4045 4046 4256 4300

Don't forget to give the entity again as the first argument on continuation admit orders! (ce90 in the above example)

Note, however, that the first admit order each turn begins a new admit list for the entity. In other words, units cannot be added to admit lists. Suppose, on the turn after the above admit orders were issued, the player ordered:

admit ce90 4345

Instead of adding 4345 to the admit list for ce90, the list would first be cleared, and 4345 would be the only permitted unit.

Only admit permissions toward the top most character of a stack are considered. Other units which do not have admit permission may accompany a character who does.

Admit lists are kept for the faction as a whole, not for particular units. The admit order should be executed by the player entity.

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