17.2: Tax base

Each province and city generates a tax base each month. The amount of gold fed into the tax base is determined by the civilization level of the province:

civ level       tax gold
---------       --------
wilderness         50
civ-1             200
civ-2             250
civ-3             300
civ-4             350
civ-5             400
civ-6             450

The tax base support garrisons, can be collected by castles, or seized through pillaging.

Pillaging and opium consumption reduce the future tax base of a province (see Pillaging and Opium).

A city's tax base is added to the province's tax base at the end of the turn. If the city is pillaged during the month, the amount transferred to the province will be diminished.

Gold left in the province at the end of the turn does not accumulate.

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