17.11: Pillaging

Gangs of ten or more men may use the pillage command to seize loot from a province or a city. Pillaging yields 1/3 of the tax base for a location, and destroys another third. For example, a location with a tax base of 300 gold would yield 100 gold to a pillager, and be left with 100 gold (100 was destroyed by the act of pillaging).

Pillaging has a harmful effect on the future tax revenue of the location. The more a location has been pillaged, the lower its tax base. Provinces and cities take as many months to recover as they have been pillaged. For example, a city which was pillaged for five months in a row would take five months to return to its normal tax base.

Pillagers must first defeat any units guarding the province, including any province garrisons.

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