13.4: Study of Spells

Magic is divided into six schools of study:

num  name                       time to learn
---  ----                       -------------
160  Magic                      two weeks     1 NP req'd
161  Weather magic              three weeks   1 NP req'd
162  Scrying                    three weeks   1 NP req'd
163  Gatecraft                  three weeks   1 NP req'd
164  Artifact construction      four weeks    1 NP req'd
165  Necromancy                 four weeks    2 NP req'd

Magical spells are simply sub-skills of one of the magical skill categories.

An aspiring mage will issue the study order to learn the basics of a particular school of magic, known as the category skill. For example, one wishing to pursue knowledge of Magic [160] would order:

study 160

Once the category skill has been learned, the mage will receive a lore sheet listing some of the known spells of that school. The magician may then attempt to learn these spells through study.

A character must know the category skill for a school of magic before a spell in that school can be known.

Only some of the spells in the each school are commonly known. The more rare, obscure or powerful spells will need to be discovered via research or by finding magic scrolls describing them.

Knowledge of individual spells in a school of magic is not possible without having learned the category skill.

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