13.5: Schools of Magic

Magic [160]
The most common and well-known of the magical schools, Magic nonetheless has many useful and powerful spells.

Since many cities offer instruction in Magic, and several useful spells may be learned quickly, apprentice mages often begin their studies here.

Weather magic [161]
The study of spells to control the elements. Advanced weather magicians are said to research forgotten elf-lore in the hopes of finding tools to battle evil.

Weather magic is taught in Nimbus, Stratos and Aerovia, the three cities of the Cloudlands.

Scrying [162]
Scrying is the study of magical far-seeing, the ability to view images or learn information at a distance.

Scrying is taught in the Faery City.

Gatecraft [163]
The study of ancient portals of teleportation which long ago connected distant regions of the land. Knowledge of this lost art tends to be difficult to acquire and jealously guarded when found.
Artifact construction [164]
The realm of very advanced sorcerers, artifact construction concerns the making of physical items to focus, amplify or otherwise enhance a mage's power. Most spells in this school require the magician to possess high levels of aura.
Necromancy [165]
The darkest of the Dark Arts, necromancy involves trafficking with undead or demon spirits to gain knowledge. Hated by civilized men, feared by other magicians, the necromancer seeks power and domination over the physical world.

Necromancy is taught in the City of the Dead, in Hades.

Monsters may sometimes be found guarding ancient books which teach the rare magical skill categories (see Guard monsters).

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