14.6: Prisoners

Characters may become prisoners by losing to an enemy in battle, or by being kidnaped (kidnaping is a subskill of Stealth).

Since prisoners are unable to report where they are and what they are seeing, they do not contribute to the turn report of their faction. The player's turn report will show that that a unit is being held prisoner, but little else.

Prisoners will not execute any orders while they are in captivity. Queued orders will remain pending, but none will be processed.

Prisoners when spotted appear as stacked units, marked with the `prisoner' string:

Seen here:
   Kosar the Indefectible [2022], with six peasants, one archer,
   two soldiers, accompanied by:
      Alion Krysaka [2785], prisoner

Unstacking a prisoner sets them free. Kosar could free Alion by ordering `unstack 2785'.

Prisoners may be transferred between units with the give command. Kosar could transfer Alion to Osswid [501] by ordering:

give 501 2785

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