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14.7: Prisoner escapes

Prisoners are always on the lookout for ways to escape. Units holding prisoners can reduce their chances by remaining inside a structure, not transferring prisoners with give, and not traveling with prisoners.

Each week (four times each game turn), a prisoner being held by a unit which is outside of a building has a 2% chance of escaping. A prisoner being held by a unit which is inside a structure, such as a castle, tower, inn or ship, has a 1% chance of escaping.

Each time a prisoner is transferred with the give order, there is a 2% chance of a escape. Also, each time a unit holding a prisoner engages in travel which takes longer than one day, there is a 2% chance that the prisoner will be able to get free. Thus, short movement, such as entering or exiting a building, will not give the prisoners additional opportunities for escape, but traveling between provinces with prisoners will.

Prisoners inside building or sub-locations will flee out into the surrounding location upon gaining their freedom. Escaped prisoners on ships will leap over the side and swim to a nearby shore.

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