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15.6: Mining

A mine is a deep shaft or tunnel which allows workers to extract valuable resources from the earth, such as iron and gold. At most one mine may be built in each mountain province or rocky hill.

A new mine has an initial depth of one. The mine shaft becomes deeper as characters use it to obtain natural resources. The shaft will become one level deeper for every three uses of a mining extraction skill.

As the depth of the shaft increases, the mix of resources obtainable changes. Iron is usually found nearest the surface. As one proceeds deeper, gold may be found in higher quantities. Other rare elements may be found by going deeper still.

The deeper a mine becomes, the more frequently cave-ins or other accidents will occur. With each accident, the mine's damage percentage will rise. If not attended with repair, the mine will eventually collapse. Once a mine collapses, it remains in the province for one game year (eight game months). Characters may not enter or use a collapsed mine. After the year has passed, the collapsed will vanish, and a new mine may be built in the location.

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