15.5: Inns

Inns must be built in provinces or cities. A good site for an inn is just outside a city, as the inn will benefit from the patronage of many travelers.

The restive environment inns provide help wounded nobles to heal. Nobles located in an inn have an 10% increased chance of fighting off infection each week.

Inns generate income each month from the visitors who stop for a meal and a pint of ale, or spend in the night in one of the inn's rooms. (Nobles who enter are not directly charged. Other patrons are anonymous; the only indication of their presence is the income the inn generates.)

Inns generate between 50 and 75 gold per month. Looting and pillaging scares away customers, and so lowers the inn's income. If more than one inn is built in a province, the profits are split between them.

Income is paid to the owner of the inn at the end of each month.

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