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11.2: Making weapons and armor

Weapons and armor are required for the training of some kinds of fighters. Archers require longbows, for instance, elite guard require plate armor, etc.

Weapons and armor are made with the make command (see make). The Weaponsmithing [9581] subskill of Combat [121] is required to make weapons and armor.

num   item           material
---   ----           --------
 72   longbow        yew [68]
 73   plate armor    iron [79]
 74   longsword      iron [79]
 75   pike           wood [77]
 85   crossbow       wood [77]

One unit of the input material may turned into one of the desired items each day. For example, make 72 2 would spend two days turning two yew [68] into two longbows [72].

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