11.1: Maintenance cost

Men such as soldiers, workers, archers, etc. must be paid in gold monthly or they will leave the service of their noble. Peasants do not willingly leave a noble's service, but will starve if they are not paid. This cost is charged to the noble holding them at the end of each month.

If the noble does not have enough gold to pay his men, he will ask other nobles in his stack (provided they belong to the same player) for gold. Thus, only one member of a stack need carry gold for maintenance costs for the entire stack. Nobles will not share gold with units from other players.

If the noble can only afford to pay some of his men, one-third of those not paid will leave service at the end of the month. The computer chooses which men remain and which leave or starve.

num   kind            cost
---   -----------     ----
 10   peasant          1
 11   worker           2
 19   sailor           2
 21   crossbowman      2
 12   soldier          2
 13   archer           3
 16   pikeman          3
 17   blessed soldier  3
 20   swordsman        3
 24   pirate           3
 14   knight           4
 22   elite archer     4
 15   elite guard      5

Note that nobles may drop men to release them from service deliberately.

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