1.9: How do I join?

Get a signup sheet by sending mail to, or from the ftp server. Fill it out, and mail it to

Turns cost US$2.50 each. Players may send a US check to Shadow Island Games or elect to have their credit card billed US$30 quarterly.

Start-up information for game G1:

  1. All new players start in the Imperial City. The location of the Imperial City is shown on the rough ASCII map.

    The Imperial City and the surrounding province are a Safe Haven. This means that players may not initiate attacks there. No building of permanent structures (towers, inns, castles) is permitted in safe havens, although shipbuilding is allowed in the Imperial City.

    Magic use of any kind is banned in the Imperial City safe haven. This parallels the no-building and no-combat ordinances.

  2. New players [as of turn 18] start with 200 gold and 25 peasants. In addition, they have access to more gold and some wood which they can obtain with CLAIM.
  3. Everyone should have the following files:

    If you're missing some of these files, grab them from in pub/olympia, or send a note to to obtain them via email.

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