Chapter 1: Introduction

Olympia is an open-ended computer moderated fantasy simulation. Characters move, battle, explore and study in the Olympian world. Each week, players submit orders for their units. After the turn runs, Olympia sends reports to the players detailing what happened.

Olympia is set in a low technology fantasy world. Characters do not have fixed goals. They may study whatever skills they believe will be useful and pursue goals as they find them. Olympia has no victory conditions; no winner is ever declared.

An aspiring heroic fighter may purchase weapons, study combat and slay monsters. Business-minded individuals can establish a profitable trading empire. The study of magic could furnish tools to advance dark plans. An explorer could trade his gold to a shipbuilder for a galley, and set out on the high seas to find adventure and treasure.

Olympia turn reports tend to be long, detailed and dense. Since your player character may hire other units which can study, move and fight on their own, large factions of characters may be organized. Supplying orders for many units in a large faction can be a lot of work!

A turn report for a new player controlling three characters is about five (66 line) pages. Average turn reports tend to be 15-25 pages. The size of the report will depend on whether a player chooses to concentrate development in a few characters, or to pursue an empire- building strategy of acquiring many units and controlling as much territory as possible.

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