Earthsea is down.. for now, maybe ever.

Markus Stenberg (
26 Aug 1995 11:55:40 +0300

Earthsea v1 playtest is finished, I fear ; it's been almost 1.5
months yet the machine I was running it on is still not back,
and the databases relevant to game were on it's DAT drive. :-P

At any rate, Earthsea v2 shall pop up sometime soon-ish (this autumn,
or sometime early in next year) on some other machine. Please
remove Earthsea (for now) from all PBEM lists and such (I still
receive newplayer requests, but without machine/db to process them
with, it's sort of silly.)

Thank you all who helped betatest (rather, alphatest) the code for
the couple of months the game was up (from end of march to start
of july).

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