Re: Olympia Mapping program?

Robert Lamb (
20 Aug 1995 02:01:51 GMT

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(Crankster) writes:

>Games like Atlantis and Phoenix have such utilities, and I'm
>somewhat surprised that a game that seems as popular as Olympia
>doesn't. Anyone know any better?

The code (visual Basic) for the Excellent Atlantis Enquirer mapper is
going to be released soon, and some brave soul (maybe me) will take a
stab at converting the hex terrain sections to square so they'll work
not only with Oly but also Odyssey (unless Gamers Den makes some
Phoenix mapper available to Odyssey.)
Until then you could try using Scribe, which is not nearly as good,
attractive or easy to use IMO (sorry), but is free and works quite
well. It does have the ability to link maps together. Its a DOS
program available from:

If anyone knows of a good (256 color, cut & paste, Windows, free)
mapper, please post, there seems to be a real lack of _quality_
products for mapping.