Re: Ultimate Goals in Olympia

Bill Viggers (
8 Jan 1995 22:11:43 GMT

In article <3ejt9o$>, (Scott Turner) writes:
|> Suppose that we extend the idea of noble points and call them "skill
|> points" instead. Charge 1 point to create a noble, 10 points to learn
|> a skill category that the faction doesn't already know, 3 points to
|> learn a skill category that a faction does know, and 1 skill point to
|> learn any subskill. Start factions with (say) 20 skill points, and
|> give a faction 1 new skill point a turn.

Actually if it was to be overhauled, I'd like to see noble points
and skill points seperated out. At the moment if I want to
learn a new school of magic, I can either wait a game year for
my next noble point to come in, or I can find some solo noble,
capture him, heal him, terrorize him, then use last rights.

It seems silly that taking out some skilless noble should next
month allow me to learn a new magic school.

I _like_ the idea of noble points and the trade off between
OATHing your nobles and simply having more nobles available,
however I think that noble points and skill points should be
kept seperate.

As for goals, I've said it before and I'll say it again, make
your own. I for one like competing against the game, but I
can see how after a while that might get boring. Eventually
I might find some other faction and go after them, but for
the moment at any rate there are much better ways to spend
my time than killing off other players.