Since I Don't like posting...
17 Apr 92 21:45:20 PDT (Fri)

Darc here...

WHAT HORSEY MONEY CUT AGAIN!!! (Good, it is too easy.)

Where is the "prisoner unit" fix on the scale of things?
(Somewhere with "capture" I would bet, huh?)


As to Scott Hauck's long wind on Combat... (no offense intended.)

I like most of it, but... In this type of combat, a TOTALLY mounted
contingent is usually carrying a great advantage.

This is only to say the making "front-line" the base from which all
else is measured, and making certain your front-line capacity
matches the opponent would be most critical.

Now in one of the games I play, don't ask which one, I can't remember
right now...

Combat has OPTIONS. Like Direct Assault, Cavalry Charge, Death From a
Distance, and other GENERAL tactics. Perhaps Military leadership would
allow these tactics... Like without it you attack with "MOB" attack.
but at level 9 your get "Archery supported Cavalry Flanking Manuever"

Or perhaps you get Standard Combat manuever #9, and Defense #9, and that
is as far as it goes..., but the OPTIONS allows people to Attack 101 4,
when they have only archers and are attacking a heavily fortified castle
as harrassment only.... (does this make sense?)

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-sc2 / The Darc Man