Re: Olympia misc.

Scott Hauck (
17 Apr 92 19:04:06 GMT

One followup to my combat idea - a Military Leadership advantage should alter
the 2-1 ratio for front-line troops. Specifically, if the player with higher
military leadership has say a 3-2 advantage in front-line troops, the defender
is forced to pull cavalry and archers to the front line, but the better
military leader could be at a 3-1 disadvantage at the front line and still keep
his elite troops at their jobs. Obviously, the higher the Leadership
differential, the greater the skewing of the ratios caused.

This would also apply to the 2-1 ratio for castle sieges. A better attacker
may only need a 3-2 ratio to breach the walls, but a better defender would
require a 3-1 advantage.

Scott Hauck