Re: Wagons

Michael Davis (
Fri, 4 Nov 94 13:40:10 EST

> Wagons don't help merchants. Since someone needs to drive the wagon,
> i.e. similiar to the captain of a ship. i.e. a merchant shouldn't be
> carrying around other nobles.

I don't how DROPping works on board a ship, but if when you DROP the
dropped item remains on board a ship then a single noble with a wagon
can fill it up w/o exceeding his personal movement allowance in doing
so. Don't know if this is a killer difference, but it is a benefit that
a single noble can gain from a wagon.

Anyway, maybe a wagon can have a defensive value?

I can see a 2 nobled wagon being quite useful if one knew the receive
visions spell. The non-driver could attempt to receive visions on nearby
cities ... while en route ... to see which is the best one to visit

I hope there are other, non-merchant and legimate game play, reasons for
having wagons. I'm currently stuck with just these though.

Besides, it could open a whole new business in Olympia... stagecoaches.

> What it would help is non-merchants, who want to have large stacks of
> nobles, to do RECRUIT, etc.

Hmmmm, that'd be a good bug actually, if I read this correctly. You're
expecting that a driver could just drive a wagon through several
provences and the passengers could be simultaneously issuing RECRUIT
and it would succeed even though the wagon is moving? I guess that's
the way this game is set up. But I further guess that they'd stack with
the RECRUITing player and ... before too long the wagon would bog down
with too many passengers. ... I'm thinking wagon, not land yacht. :-)


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