new "times"
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 17:06:53 -0400 (EDT)

Hi guys...

There has been some talk here and other places about the pros and cons of
anonymous postings. I myself see most of the "Times" as useless since it
is mostly anonymous.

What do yall think about getting a separate mailing list started? I
could run one from here that would go out in digest form maybe once a
week, or as much as submissions allow. Your e-mail address would be at
the top of your post, so people could get back in touch with you if need

Do yall think this is a good thing? A bad thing? Please send me your
comments and suggestions and maybe we can get this up and running soon.

- stuart

p.s. This would be a totally neutral publication. Anyone can post as
long as they dont mind "signing" their articles.

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