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David desJardins (desj@ccr-p.ida.org)
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 02:20:40 -0400

Tony Baldacci, Varangian Freeholders (sb0) writes:
> Please let the perpetrator know just how very, very displeased I am
> _personally_ about this.

I'm sorry, but this just doesn't make any sense to me. If you _know_
that the game system permits anyone to write anything and sign any name,
how can you possibly be annoyed when that happens? It's like being
annoyed when someone names one of their characters "Steve", when you
already have a character named "Steve." If I were the "perpetrator," I
would of course not be glad that you are _personally_ displeased, but
since the response seems disproportionate to the act, I would not feel
responsible for your unhappiness.

I can't see the point in getting _personally_ offended over someone else
just playing the game in a manner that you don't like. Are you going to
get _personally_ offended if someone else attacks your character? Or
destroys your castle with a lightning bolt? Those are legitimate game
actions, which the rules specifically allow players to perform. Many,
if not most, players see posting black press as exactly the same thing.
By design, postings are anonymous and may be signed however the poster
desires. That is a decision to allow people to post messages with one
another's names attached.

It always makes me unhappy when what one person sees as "playing the
game," another takes personally. Especially if it's me. But it doesn't
make me unhappy enough to stop playing the game.

David desJardins

P.S. Is this really the "IRON NATION server"? Cool.

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