Place holders for Extra Units

Dan Corrin (
Mon, 17 Oct 94 14:55:46 EDT

I think I mentioned this before on the list, but didn't get an
answer. Another person on our own mailing list asked me, so I thought
I'd pass it on again...

For a controlled "artifact" unit such as this:

Eastern Chaos Savages [ht9n]
Location: Rat plains [cs81], in Rimmon
Loyalty: Npc-0
Health: n/a
Combat: attack 60, defense 60, missile 0
behind 0 (front line in combat)
Break point: 0% (fight to the death)

Skills known:

qty name weight
--- ---- ------
5 savages [32] 500 cap 500 (1,1,0)

Capacity: 0/600 land (0%)

Does the placeholder unit actually fight at those combat odds?
If so then most combat simulators are going to be off by quite a bit...
Note thet there are only 5 listed in the inventory, but the
location report lists:

Seen here:
* Eastern Chaos Savages [ht9n], savages, number: 6

If the one savage "leader" is 60,60,0 then this is somewhat different
from what the rules imply, or is it just for player-controlled units?


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