White Noise in the Times and MY Money

Fri, 14 Oct 1994 21:31:44 -0400 (EDT)

The best way to find out if the "White Noise" is worth paying for,
is to only charge $2.00 per turn without the Times, and $2.50
per turn for the Times. And let free enterprise speak for it self.

I can personally vouch for 6 factions that will NOT pay for the
Times. In the circle that I travel, we do not find much of value,
since we are looking for hard credible news, not stories that may or
may not be entertaining. I am sadly disappointed that there are not
more detailed battle accounts and news of treasures and monsters found.
In fact, these kinds of articles are few.

I remember back in Oly I. The Times was fun. I very much enjoyed
reading the exploits of Dr. Pain. The Dark One was responsible for
more adrenalin production than any other single event or character.
But that is in the past.

Like any publication, that NEEDS to make a profit, you have to give
people what they want, or they just don't buy your publication. The
Oly Times has a captive audience, and we all are paying for it wether
we want it or not.

It is my heartfelt belief, that if Rich implements his proposal, it
will take care of 90% of the gripes I have with whats in it, and will
at the very least, make the Oly Times a credible publication again.
It won't stop much of what is posted, just separate a lot of the
wheat from the chaff.

Again, I mean no disprespect to any submittors or editors, but either
I will eat my words big time, or I suspect the silent majority will
speak with their money. Let free enterprise speak for itself!

But alas, reality deictates this won't happen, and I guess I will never
really know the degree to which I may be right or wrong. Therfore,
implement Rich's proposal as is. It has my vote. Some change is better
than none.

Rick Socia

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