Re: "Black Press"

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 13:58:10 -0400 (EDT)

So here's a plan: I make two new commands: RUMOR and PRESS.
They work like MESSAGE/POST, except their text appears in the Times.
Press entries are signed, rumors are not. Either one is good for the
25 gold credit. The commands take an argument specifying who gets the
gold for the entry.

Automating generation of the Times also has a benefit for me, in that
I don't have to manually cut off headers and signatures any more.
I've screwed up a posting or two by being too liberal with the
knife. It's always my fear that I'll accidentally leave someone's
From: in their anonymous post...

I'll also extend message/post/rumor/press syntax to let you say "0" for
lines, and terminate the text with an END.

I think I suggested this before, but for some reason (never got around
to it? Someone didn't like it?) it never got implemented.

Rich Skrenta <>

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