Re: GIVE permission system

Bron Campbell Nelson (
Thu, 6 Oct 94 21:18:35 -0700

> just get rid of give

Now *there* is an innovative solution. I like it. You unfortunately
would need to add a new command to allow your allies to GET things
from you (e.g. "ALLOW a0a item 1 50" to allow noble a0a to get 50
gold from you), but that is certainly doable.

The only exception I can see would be garrisions, which currently
can't issue orders, so you'd have to come up with some sort of
special case for them. But this is not so bad since garrisions
don't move around, so if a garrison winds up with 50 stone it
doesn't want, it's unlikely to cause a problem.

Bron Campbell Nelson  or possibly  uunet!!bron
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