Re: GIVE permission system
Thu, 06 Oct 1994 21:39:29 -0400 (EDT)

> From: Patrick McLaughlin <>
> It's a dirty trick, and takes advantage of the rules as they are, yes.

> But it has a player controllable cure, and it seems to be a waste of
> programming time to fix it on that basis alone. FWIW, I see the fact
> that someone can be 9 days out of a province (or more) and still be
> forced to do combat as a far grosser violation or realism... and one that
> does far more harm to the game. Not to mention that there is no player
> controlled cure.

Patrick makes an excellent point!

In game terms, it is absolutely bizarre to think that you cannot give,
get or otherwise interact unless physically present. But to attack
when you are 9 out of 10 days travel away is really wierd.

However, without this, how does anyone corner a fleeing felon so to
speak. Some people on this group, who Rich listens to a lot, argued
it was necessary to do it this way for playability reasons, and so we
have it, like it or not. (I don't)

Sure, it sucks to give stone to someone just to slow them down, but as
far as I am concerned, until the "I am not really here unless you wanna
kill me" thing is altered, I do not see this give hole a problem. It
might be an annoyance, but not a problem.

But if you are hell bent on fixing it, just get rid of give. Get should
work in all but a few cases. In fact, now that I think about it, when
is give required and a get won't do?


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