Re: GIVE permission system

Walt Pesch (
Thu, 6 Oct 1994 17:41:31 -0600

>Another approach, which avoids the certain extra players errors which
>will be generated by another ADMIT-like system, and covers cases which
>RECEIVE still leaves exposed, such as what to do about heavy booty
>in combat, is to provide an option to automatically drop items if
>you're overburdened, or a command which would drop enough items to
>allow a certain mode of movement.
> AUTODROP 0/1 (which unfortunately suggests that I make FLY
> implicit with MOVE, and provide WALK and RIDE)
> UNENCUMBER <walk|ride|fly> [preferences]
>Rich Skrenta <>

Which brings up whether you should be able to stash things. I.e. like
gold, where it would be 'hidden'. You can either reclaim it or there is a
percentage chance that it will be found by EXPLORE.

Walt Pesch

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