Re: Swear was Re: (none)

Dan Corrin (
Fri, 30 Sep 94 10:45:25 EDT

on Sep 30 10:13:38 Rich Skrenta <> said:
> Obviously I would try to be fair, but the whole point of rule-by-law
> (rule by the rules) instead of rule by the GM is that it removes any
> possibility that the GM is playing favorites. This would be another
> opportunity for GM bias to creep into the game.
But if you can't get the parser to figure out what is going on, just
use a more sophisticated engine, yourself. The idea behind removing
SWEAR is that players would use it to try to go around other
restrictions. So issue policy, e.g. no swearing nobles as you leave the
game, or without recompense, or when you see them attempting to go
back and forth between factions to get aroud limits. Then as long
as the request doesn't go against the policy, let them swear. (The
whole Idea is that you can look at a series of turns and notice a
trend, or see sophisticated relationships (especially if the players
indicate such).

Is it wrong to buy a noble for 1500 gold? You make the policy...


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