A day's pay for a day's work

Tim Whalen (whalen@stromboli.usc.edu)
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 13:10:41 -0700

Another misunderstanding about how nobles are credited for studying
has got me to thinking about how long commands are handled in Olympia.
Rich recently asked for comments on the day granularity of Olympia
and I sent a reply with some general "better than sliced bread"
type comments ... but I think that the way you are credited on a
daily basis for long-term projects is maybe one of the nicer things
about the system.

Some commands just fail if you don't finish them in one uninterrupted
stretch (MOVE, RESEARCH, EXPLORE, USE, etc.) Others credit the noble
on a day-by-day basis (BUILD, STUDY, REPAIR, RAZE, RECRUIT, etc.) and
normally terminate when the task is done.

All but three of the latter group have an optional parameter to set
the maximum number of days to work at the task. Why are STUDY, BUILD
and RAZE different than the other commands? I agree that STUDY may
belong in the all-or-nothing group of commands but otherwise I'd
consider allowing the optional [days] parameter for all three.
I still can't see how this would allow abuse since we're already
being credited on a daily basis and the STOP and MOVE commands provide
artificial albeit restricted termination spots for these commands.

I promise I'll drop this crusade after this post gets shot down. ;>)


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