Re: Two long-term problems

Bron Campbell Nelson (
Wed, 28 Sep 94 12:40:42 -0700

> Only allow buildings to add to the civ level if they are occupied

This is an interesting suggestion ..

For us empire builders however, I would still like to see *some*
mechanism to engage in economic development of our kingdoms. How
about the above suggestion, coupled with some method other than
structures that can raise the civ-level of a province. I earlier
proposed "public works projects". How about this: you can build
1 "public works project" per province, for 1/2 a civ level, and
garrisions of at least 50 men count as a "police force" and add
1/2 a civ level. This lets you build up a province to civ-1
(no higher) without expending noble points.

Just some random thoughts ...

Bron Campbell Nelson  or possibly  uunet!!bron
These statements are my own, not those of Silicon Graphics.

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