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> Reply to: RE> Misc. Ideas
>RE: 1) Ruin reconstruction
>For castles and towers, I'm a little skeptical. Would a second medieval
>engineer trust the construction techniques of the guy who built before? Or
>perhaps a 1% chance that the new construction would be built on a faulty
>foundation and collapse when first attacked.

I was thinking of it from the standpoint that there's lots of already quarried
stone available, the land is already cleared, and the site is probably well
picked out. Therefore it would take less effort and stone to put up another

>RE: 2) Stones from Ruins
>Good idea.
>RE: 3) Lairs to towers.
>I don't know. Seems to me that a lot of monsters would build lairs in places
>which were hidden, but with easy access to prey. Towers tend to be built in
>commanding locations so that they can dominate a region.

I was thinking more of the towers as secluded places to do research not
the defensive location they can be. Perhaps with the addition of castle
improvements, we could add 'outpost'. Outpost being a defensive structure less
forbidding than a tower but which allows research and lairs could bue upped
to that class?

>RE: 4) Adding to castles
>I think this is a great idea and would add a lot to the game. It would give
>advanced empires something to do besides beating up on their neighbors. And
>it would allow a strategic location to really be nailed down; there's lots of
>precedents for that in Earth history. Hmm, then maybe we would need some
>treachery rules for getting gates left open.

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