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Patrick McLaughlin (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 15:51:36 -700 (PDT)

On 27 Sep 1994, Russell Boggs wrote:

> Reply to: RE>Misc. Ideas
> Pat,
> Re: cathedral construction.
> Yes, cathedrals were built over a period of centuries. But people were using
> them during that time and would notice cracks other signs of structural
> weakness. Was there an example of someone taking a _ruined_ cathedral and
> adding further construction to it? Or a castle? Chip was specifying
> _ruins_.

Actually, there were cathedrals (etc.) that fell down while igeneral
use--which is part of how they learned about flying buttresses, etc.)

Certainly there were ruined cathedrals---places that burned down--that
were rebuil on old foundations, using some of what was there.

I think there were castles razed and rebuilt. I can't remember an
example right off, but it makes sense to reuse a good site and any
foundations that are intact (they are reasonably likely to be). This is
why you find places like Troy--city and fortifications on the same spot,
levelling after levelling.

> re: towers
> >From what I've read, towers were just the first step of castle construction,
> before the owning noble could afford a full-sized castle. Therefore, they
> tended to be placed in defensible locations, i.e., on top of something,
> thereby sticking out like a sore thumb. Not like Grendel's lair, hidden
> under the ocean (if I remember correctly).
Yeah, but that is historical and not at all what Oly does. If you could
build a hidden tower, would you? Different drives.

> re: treachery
> Not a STEALTH skill, a PERSUASION skill.

Yes. My error.

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