Re: Combat

Patrick McLaughlin (
Sat, 24 Sep 1994 17:45:59 -700 (PDT)

I have to agree with David, fleeing in any direction is fine with me. It
makes more sense too. Sometimes you can pre-plan your retreat, but in a
serious fiasco, it's survival first, and you flee where you can.

Maybe a more advanced combat skill can let you set preferred flight
direction... due to strategic skill, you plan your retreat route, etc.

This is medival combat, folks. Do you know how brute force it was?
Tactics were mostly of the "there they are, form up in three 'battles'
and charge!" Read Agincourt--there was no tactical sense on the part of
the French, who displayed the standard, classical noble attitudes on the

Anyone with half an ounce of real tactical skill was likely to be a
wizard on the battlefield in that time. Simply keeping people from
charging when you wanted a solid line was a major accomplishment.

That applies to knights (first into the fray for glory) and peasant
levies (Hastings is best understood to have been likely to be a stand off
or NOrman loss until the peasants got suckered into a charge off their
ridge position, where the Norman knights ate them.

Much of the pike square (etc) stuff talked about here is combat at a
later period. _MAYBE_ a very advanced combat skill, at NP cost, would
allow a commander to do some fancy stuff, as there were a few places that
displayed some tactical training and the ability to train troops (like

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