Re: "Simultaneous execution" vs. phases-and-points

Tim Whalen (
Fri, 23 Sep 1994 13:51:45 -0700

I personally love the Olympia system. I have some nobles that aren't
supposed to move so giving them movement points doesn't make sense.
I have some nobles who are going to research and study all the time
and others that may never need to learn any skills. I suppose that
since I am a hacker I love writing up a little multi-threaded "program"
each week and sometimes trying to interface with other programmer's
code. I love arriving somewhere just in time to collect all the stone/
yew/etc. before the month ends. I also understand how this can all
be very frustrating for someone who doesn't want to spend a ton of
time figuring out how to get a full 30 days work from each of his
nobles. The learning curve is *long*, but that may be the best
part of all. I'm already sick to death of Atlantis (mainly due to
too much success and too little variation from my original plan
set up six months ago.) There's always something totally unexpected
for you to capitalize on in Olympia. For instance, to help Chris
recover TC, I realized I could form a noble in br07, sail to bq12
while studying combat and training soldiers, then claim winged
horses and fly across the impassible mountain coast of Drucartan.
This only became possible due to the buggy death of Soothsayer and
I lost half a night's sleep when I first got the idea around midnight
a couple of days before the last turn ran and lay there brooding on
the optimal way to handle the new possibility.


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