Re: Pathological combat examples

Scott Turner (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 12:37:53 -0700

Here's a case in the current system where adding a unit to a stack
reduces its effectiveness:

1 dragon vs. 5 lions: dragon wins 11.5%
1 peasant, 1 dragon vs. 5 lions: dragon wins 10.2%

The cause here is that the peasant in this case became the stack
leader. He attacks, but cannot be attacked, so the stack's attack
factor is effectively halved.

Running summary:

* The "break" rule causes nonintuitive results (very minor).

* The "stack leader" rule causes nonintuitive results (can be major).

* The 4:1 rule causes nonintuitive results with missile troops

Where nonintuitive results == add units, get less combat effectiveness.

I'll try Tim's xbow example when I have the time.

-- Scott T.

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