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RE: Is it really reasonable to assume that the swarm of 200 attackers around
the dragon are only going to get off 3-4 blows before they are all killed?

Is it reasonable to think that you could actually get 100 peasants to attack
a dragon? What could you offer them? A chicken in every pot?

I still think that a good way to approach Rick's dilemma is to say that if a
difference of 100 points exists between a potential attacker and a defender,
then the attacker will refuse to attack. Self-preservation.

RE: 100 peasants vs 1 peasant.

Actually, I think that's it very reasonable that the 100 would kill the 1
without taking a loss. In a <real> situation, the solitary peasant would
probably be more worried about running away or surrendering than trying to
sell his life as dearly as possible.

The smash rule is appealing when you look at a dragon vs. an army of
peasants, but it might really distort combat between relatively equal
contestants. A couple of lucky criticals could end the fight suddenly.
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Subject: Smashes (was: Another combat factor)

> Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 12:36:13 -0700
> From: Scott Turner <>
> (*) Actually, it's a combination of this rule and the "monsters die
> after one hit" rule, but it's easiest to fix the attack selection
> rule.

If you claim that it is easy you should back this up with an actual,
workable method of doing so, without nasty counterintuitive
consequences. This hasn't been done so far; that does not mean that it
is not possible.

David desJardins

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