Re: Another combat factor

Rich Skrenta (
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 16:05:50 -0400 (EDT)

> ("Why didn't Merlin cast Big Juju instead of Fireball?").

Haha! This is hilarious.

> I held my tongue earlier, but I see that we're quickly heading down
> the slippery slope that leads to Oly I combat.

We're talking about speed and "max 6 attacks in a row".

I think the problem with Oly I combat was more the hidden complexity.
There were a lot of surprise effects, not because of an excessive amount
of randomness in the system, but because no one knew how they worked.

Everything is predictable in Oly II combat because it's all in the rules.
There are several combat simulators out there based solely on the docs.

I like speed, I like 6-in-a-row-max, and I like making the blessed
bit instead be a 50% rating in a new, explicit factor.

All but 6-in-a-row are tunables, and could be added to g1 without
any effect. 6-in-a-row drastically changes combat, so that won't
go into g1, but I like it for g2. The "blessed bit" factor ("hit
bounce"?), which I had forgotten about, even removes much of the need
for speed.

Rich Skrenta <>

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