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Scott Turner (
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 15:29:47 -0700

>I think that's a fair balance. I can hit the monsters. But if I run
>across a major castle that I didn't know was there, I likely get my head

It's a risk that can be easily minimized: You can run a scout unit
down your intended path, and you can use NEUTRAL to stay away from any
large forces that you know of.

There's still a possibility that you can run across some large,
unexpected force and attack it disastrously. But any unit in Olympia
runs the risk of being involved in a disastrous battle with a larger
stack. Especially one that is being actively hostile. So I don't see
that as a particularly huge drawback. If you adopt a policy of
HOSTILE ALL, you'd better expect trouble at some point anyway.

I see this as a possible compromise: Let GARRISON units have HOSTILE
ALL. That permits a sort of "border control" without turning Olympia
into "Avoid the big auto-killer stacks." Even better would be some
kind of turn format indicating that (if the GARRISON unit is HOSTILE
towards you) you can't enter the province without ATTACKing the
GARRISON -- rather than letting you move into the province and then
having the GARRISON auto-attack you. So that you'd have to use ATTACK
to move into a hostile province.

-- Scott T.

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