Re: Various Things

Patrick McLaughlin (
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 13:04:03 -700 (PDT)

Having suggested HOSTILE ALL initially, I still see it as a good idea.
Right now, the movement scheme allows someone to walk right through a
"picket" in a province, commit some atrocity (or whatever) and move on.
HOSTILE ALL seems crucial for some things. But, as I pointed out to
Rich, using it liberally is risky. If someone big wanders in and you
attack, you can be committing suicide.

It's got advantages and disadvantages. It allows you to do some things
easily (create an impermeable border, for example), but it also commits
you to a policy of berserkergang... do, or die.

I think that's a fair balance. I can hit the monsters. But if I run
across a major castle that I didn't know was there, I likely get my head
kicked .

If you use it, you gamble that you _ARE_ the baddest thing in the
jungle... and if you are wrong, you pay dearly.

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