Re: Various Things

Greg Lindahl (
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 14:26:42 -0400

On Sep 19, 11:05, Russell Boggs wrote:

> I still like the idea of HOSTILE ALL. You can never be sure of what might
> wander in your path and you may end up losing a fairly large stack just due
> to attrition. I think it's probably the only way to be a successful pirate
> because the odds on ending up in the same sea square as a <victim> are pretty
> low.

I dunno about that last bit: there's been one successful piracy that I
know of in game 1. And it's not that hard to find victims; find 2
ports that have a lucrative trade route. Put a spy in the source to
watch for a noble to buy the item and climb on a ship. Declare the
ship hostile and go looking for it...

-- O

(why'd I think that up? erm, defensive purposes. yeah, that's it.)

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