Sailing vs Rowing
Fri, 16 Sep 1994 22:03:14 -0400 (EDT)

What would be the feasibility of splitting the sailing skill out into
two skills, navigation (or pilot ship) and sailing.

Navigation (or piloting) would be the ability of getting a vessel across
the water in the intended direction, safely, without getting lost. An
apprentice should occasionally make a navigational error, such as a
sail e order accidentally turning out to be a sail n. Or even less
obtrusive, just wasting a day or two in a sea area steering in circles.

Sailing sould be required for actual "sailing." Being a certified
yachtsman myself, I would state there is a BIG differenc from steering
a boat and sailing one. The art of sailing is knowing how to look
for wind, (yes you actually gotta find it), rigging ones sails in the
optimum fashion for the conditions at hand, tacking and all that kind
of good stuff.

This would affect captains of roundships of course.

Rick Socia

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