Fri, 16 Sep 1994 22:03:03 -0400 (EDT)


How hard would it be for you to incorporate race into the game. Since
elves already on planet Olympia, who don't any ever join factions?

You could have different races, like elves and dwarves, you can give
each race slightly differing characteristics. For example elves may
regen mana better than say a human, but may never be a grand master
at any spell. I am not suggesting this, but there would be ways of
balancing different races out through variious ways.

Rate at healing (or dieing)
Rate of regen mana
Basic combat, defense and missle ratings
Better at some skills/spells while worse at others

You could make it so that when a noble is formed, he has no control
over what race he gets. Defferent races may be more prevalent in
different areas like more likely to get a dwarf in mountain cities,
or an elf in a forest city. Humans would still be the predominant
race of course.

Any comments? :-)

Rick Socia

GENDER <code>

0 = nueter
1 = male
2 = female

Rick Socia

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