Death Overhaul'd

David desJardins (
Tue, 13 Sep 94 20:48:33 EDT

> From: Rich Skrenta <>
> Date: Tue, 13 Sep 1994 19:40:29 -0400 (EDT)
> I still favor Bind spirit, albeit without the aura-duel factor.
> It could be used by either the dead noble's owner, or a fiendish
> necromancer after the body. It doesn't require changing any of
> the existing commands, it only adds to them. And it's a fairly
> minor change from the current system.

I guess I've only been following this peripherally, but I don't
understand what this does. Could you explain exactly what you favor?
Please also explain how it deals with the current problem. For example,
if I walk up to someone on day 1, attack them on day 2, and then read
Last rites on day 3, how is the victim supposed to prevent/work around

David desJardins

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