Re: Last Rites considered harmful

Patrick McLaughlin (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 13:20:00 -700 (PDT)

I like Jay's points.

LR should REQUIRE the body. Period. If you lose someone far from
home... tough. Wait a year for the NP.

And I rather like the LR has to be done _in_ a GY touch.

Perhaps we could avoid leaving Rich's world covered in a clutter of
unburied bodies like this:

corpses are left on the field _EXCEPT_ when a COLLECT CORPSES order is
made. THis will collect the corpses in the order they died (top of the
stack down), so there ought to be a <days> option so that you can only
collect so many, if yu wish--1 day per body. This simulates picking over
a field of mangled bodies and through the underbrush to find the bodies.
Bodies left on a field will be found by NPC peasantry and delivered to
the nearest GY on the next turn, on a random day between day 5 and 15.

On Tue, 13 Sep 1994, Jay Gischer wrote:

> Rich Skrenta writes:
> > The problem would seem to be that there is no way to protect from
> > LR being performed on a noble you wish to resurrect. Is this a
> > problem?
> >
> This looks to me like another case of where the design intent will get
> subverted. Yes, it is handy to perform Last Rites at a distance. But
> this means there will NEVER be any corpses for Necromancers to play
> with and there will NEVER be any chance resurrect nobles, given some
> opposition. If I'm a priest and I have an enemies list, why shouldn't
> I simply perform last rites on every noble on that list every turn, on
> the off chance that one of them died, preventing their resurrection.
> If they aren't dead, it will fail and I've spent no time or mana.
> If a side is victorious, and controls the graveyard,
> I can see that they might want to resurrect the dead and persuade
> them. But the noble might escape... But if you don't control the
> graveyard, just do some last rites, and control of the graveyard
> doesn't help.
> One thing you might do is to cancel the "teleportation" of bodies to
> the graveyard, in all or some circumstances. Require last Rites to be
> done in a graveyard. So if I'm victorious, I can take the bodies to
> the graveyard and perform last rites. And the other side can try to
> bushwhack me along the way to get them back. That makes life, er,
> death a lot more interesting, and gives meaning to "a proper burial".
> -j

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