Re: Last Rites considered harmful

Dan Corrin (
Tue, 13 Sep 94 13:26:12 EDT

on Sep 13 12:31:08 Patrick McLaughlin <> said:
> >>A faction may perform Last Rites on any dead noble from that
> faction.
> Any other faction must posess the body to perform Last Rites. <<
> Not a bad game answer. Though I find it hard to find a "real" reason why
> such would be the case... <G>
"Real" Answer? One has a priest of <unspecified god> in their faction. All
the members of the faction are converted by that priest. (Can't have
unbelievers running around in the group). The priest prays to thier
god to releave the soul of their member, the God naturally takes heed
of one of its priests and does the last rite thing. You ask to
realeve the soul of another Dieties worshipper, they can't do it, however
if you have the body, then it is possible.


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