Re: Last Rites considered harmful

John Morrow (
Tue, 13 Sep 94 14:09:50 EDT

>> A faction may perform Last Rites on any dead noble from that faction.
>> Any other faction must posess the body to perform Last Rites.

>I like this. It doesn't remove the ability of a player to get his own
>NP's back. Powerful characters can skill be killed for good, but
>you have to fight over the body.

In retrospect, you also want Necromancers to have a shot at the body,
a situation where the player who owned the dead noble might do an LR
go keep it away from the "bad guys".

Another option is this:

It normally takes 8 turns to get your NP back, correct? The idea of
"Last Rights" is to get it back more quickly, correct? But you also
don't want every dead body to be cleaned up so that a clever
necromancer can actually have a chance to use his or her skills (this
was a good point, BTW), correct?

Simply make it so that "Last Rites" has a large chance of failing if
the body is not immediately available. If LR takes 1 week to cast,
give it a 5% chance of success at a distance. Generally, you should
get you NP in 20 weeks or roughly 5 turns or less (about 2.5 turns on
average), still an improvement over 8 turns but your priest will be
busy. Adjust the percentage to suit your needs (I'd suggest no higher
than 10%).

Another option:

In addition to the other idea (only a faction can LR its own at
range), if the body is in the posession of another faction, Last Rites
will automatically fail but tell you who is holding the body.


John Morrow

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