Re: Something I Don't Like

Scott Turner (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 09:33:57 -0700

>From a gameplay viewpoint, I don't like Last Rites as it currently
stands because there's no interaction to it. If you want to
permanently kill off a dead noble, you can sit off anywhere in the
world and do it, and there's nothing the faction who owns the noble
can do about it. Last Rites is fine if there's no competition over
the dead noble; but if there is competition it's an automatic win for
the side that wants him permanently dead. I think that's a bad thing.
If one side wants to resurrect him (either to get him back or to hold
him for ransom/persuasion) then they ought to have a fighting chance
to do that.

>> What is troubling about the current rules is that the game system
>> purports to support something which it actually doesn't. All the
>> business about fleeing, and chance of capture, etc. make it look as
>> though this is a game where losing in combat isn't necessarily
>> fatal. But actually, against competent human opponents, it is.

Well put.

> 3) Disallow attacks from/to loser-escapees for the rest of the
> month.
>This seems to get the job done with the fewest adverse side-effects.

Hmm. I can't say I like this. For one thing, if I knew the Big Mean
Stack was coming to attack me, I could have the Small Friendly Ally
Stack run an attack against me early in the month and give me
"immunity" to attack from the Big Mean Stack, right?

-- Scott T.

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