Re: New Spell Ideas - Druidicism

Patrick McLaughlin (
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 19:55:18 -700 (PDT)

Warping wood for pikes might work, but not for bows. Having worked on
making and using longbows of traditional materials, I can tell you it
ain't the shape that is the key (though it is critical). Bow wood that
was worth using was a precious commodity and rapidly was stripped out of
the European forests. In fact, the New World was pawed over and the
Indians pumped for good local longbow woods, and large quantities sent back.

Hickory turns out to be marvellous, with few of the finicky behaviors of
some, and relatively straight grain... and is not super particular about
being worked perfectly. Imperfect bows of most woods are like jammed
guns, very capable of really hurting the person using them. But I

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